Tuesday, January 31

Last Day of January!

#LikeABoss hahahha :P

Happy CNY! HAHA! It's still consider CNY right :P
This year's CNY was awesome :)

almost all ze couzies! :D

With mom ;D

couz bro trolling :P

Bro trolling =.=

Couple trolling!!

Finally a picture without anybody trolling =.=

I had the best CNY gift! :D
AS Results were out on the first day of CNY, and I got straight A's! :D
Unexpected marks too! Feels great when I didn't expect what results to get, and I got surprised! :) just like my spm's results haha. Got extra angpao for my results XD
Congrats to all that got good results and the others, work hard for A2! :D

Friends came by and slept over, did some crazy things there :P
Drove them around my area, and had lotsa fun! :)

ada gaya hahaha :P

the famous park :D

Then Kat came later for dinner! :D

Slept at 2am, doing crazy stuffs and there's class the next day =.=

Went lasertag with friends @ I-City for the first time, super tiring!
OH! Drove there myself :P it's like a convoy thingy, damn chigek :P

Some things happened, solved and happy :) :)

AND I NEED TO GAIN WEIGHT =.= 43kg now, srsly -.- underweight kao kao zz.

Stepping into the 2nd month tomorrow, more challenges coming up!
See you soon blog! :P

Wednesday, January 4

Hellllloooooo 2012!

2nd day of college, freaking stressed. But whatever, I must survive this!!

Love this photo:p the effect so yeng xD

Anyway, super 8 the movie :x heh. 88888888888 fattt ahhhh! happy fattchoy month :p *getting crazy:p*

Freaking mocks in 2nd of April, sighhh! A2 please be kind to us D:

I need to get well soon and get my engine started!! ugh!

Crazy post. Kthanksbai.