Wednesday, June 27


A hah! Finally I feel like blogging hahaha! But I'm too lazy to elaborate ... Think I'll just blog by writing caption for all the pictures ;P

25 MAY 2012
Right after my LAST Chemistry paper ever, Christine and I went to Paradigm Mall ;D it was only their 2nd day opened, so there's opening sale everywhere! Bwahaha! We DID bought stuffs hehe, but missed out some shops because I was in a hurry to go home! So much for escaping the jam -_- took me about an hour to reach home -_- AND was giving out freebies when I was at the other side of the highway -_- Mehhh! Should have stayed there for dinner hahaha! 

Happy Hour @ Starbucks :D Bought myself a drink to celebrate .. somethingsomething which i forgot ._. Dude, it was A MONTH AGO. 

30 MAY 2012
DAMN. Did ONE stupid mistake for Physics Paper 5 I think. 
Anyway, it's over. 

2 JUNE 2012

I remember we had to wait freaking long for the ladies washroom before we take the tram to the amphitheater. There were only TWO rooms available. UNFORTUNATELY, there's someone .. or maybe two people hogging the first washroom ZZZZZZ. for AT LEAST 20 minutes! (when everyone left, the washroom was still occupied by the same person lol, no sign of the door opening at all -.-) and VOILA! Only ONE room available for the freaking long queue -_- and no offense, but sometimes I really do wonder what takes ladies so long doing in the washroom -_- enjoying the aroma?! ugh :S 

OKAY, I think there's more to complain -_- see the number on the tickets - D05-D09? They were supposed to be seats number. When we arrived, the ticket-man said last minute it's free seating -.-  Funneh, so our seats were taken. FINE, we sat somewhere else. Then the original seaters came and shoved our stuffs aside and said we had taken their seats -.- NVM, as long we had somewhere to sit and it had an-okay-view of the stage, I'm okay with it lol. Just that, why can't they just follow the seat number on the ticket -.- could have saved so much hassle! Pft. 

I think I should start talking about the musical instead :P It was okay okay, with a lot of lights shining right towards my eyes :D Besides that, everything was musical :P Love their outfits, a lot of sequins .

Happy happy us :P certainly not affected by all the nonsense that happened :P

During the performance :D 

Hmm, I don't remember when this is.
But it was hazy. VERY HAZY.

There was a period of time, the haze was VERY horrible! 
Caused me having headache and whatnot :S 
HAZE EVERYWHERE. Smelly. Hot. Choking. Yuck.

15 JUNE 2012

Went shopping for graduation night ;) 

16 JUNE 2012

A day out with Kat and Chris @ Paradigm again :P

We saw this huge black chicken playing football LOL.

And we decided to take a picture with it hahahah. Nando's chicken :P

I think I'll stop here ;P Graduation Night post will be next :D 
Till then, sayonara :D

Saturday, June 16

Awwh Yeaaaaaaaaaaah!

Boo!! Scared ya with mah huge face?! :P

So I'm done with A Levels for good :D! I'll blog about the happenings later(idkwhenactuallyhehe)

For now, can't wait for graduation night this Monday! ;D