Wednesday, January 30

in ze fitting room.

sien lor the whole day.
blogging seems nth to me alr.
one more week !
ohmygosh !
CNY !! :D:D:D
cant wait to wear those new clothes ._.

outtings at 1U.
lights deco not bad gua.
so red lor.
especially cousin sis and cousin bro.
ohmg lor. they wear like couple. lol.
seems like me wearing the voodoo shirt.
being like a voodoo kacau them ;D

ps: ignore my pose. im lame. :) or maybe im not ready ._.

too sien.
waiting cousin bro try pants.
fitting room so nice.
all mirrors :D

did i mention we ate Burger King and Carl's Jr. for lunch ?
neh. the comment we left after eating Carl's Jr.
stupid cousin bro go crumple it all up.
lucky i manage to save it ._.

cross sch field so not fun.
me in PJ.
look fat :D
of cos lah.
after eating all those burgers :)

so bye people. i hate people wearing mask :)

here's a video ".....yeoh" recorded during the calligraphy contest thing.
martial arts :D

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