Monday, September 12

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

On a Monday??! Srsly :( Spoils the mood lor!
As if Monday blues aren't enough, LAB-Day for Chemistry and Physics are on Monday too!
Imagine waking up early in the morning, facing weird odour chemicals and doing frustrating Physics experiments(sometimes)! Terrible way to start the week aye!

Gone are those days that I used to play candles, collecting hot wax, rolling them into a ball!
and I found someone which does the same thing as me! HAHAHA! XD

How do I spend my mooncake festival this year .. hmmmm ...
First, I ate loadsaaaa mooncake! Bing Pi ones! Mhhhhmmmm! :9 I LOVE BING PI! :D
Then, I was doing this moral assignment - presentation for tomorrow! Glad that it's all done!!!!
Specialization rocks, learnt from Economics ;)!
I felt a sense of accomplishment :D am happy that some group mates actually think that I'm responsible hahaha! Thank you :D without the help of the team, a (small)leader is nothing :)
Hopefully the presentation will go well tomorrow, goodluck to those who are taking IELTS too! :)

Oh, I forgot to get this photo of a tissue from someone, anyway ...
" Must use up all the tissues only can throw! Don't waste ok! " :D
/random ;x

Oh well, gotta get my eyes off the laptop, it's gonna die soon =.=

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