Thursday, September 9


OMGOSH!!!!!! it's already Thursday!
So what happened these few days after I switched on my freaking study mode?

I slept STU-DIED! err.. yeah that's it stu-DIED

LOL, really DIED!!
I started with my favorite subject..

At the core of it I found that..
Procrastination.. KILLS
with only ONE outcome.. DIED!

I got so mad at what procrastination did to me, I was reaaaaaaaaaaally mad.
Thus, I fought back with fury, throwing knives, pots, plates, anything & everything to attack Procrastination.. and.. and..
I even sacrificed my beloved cup!


I was super regretful over what happened.. :(
After the battle scene settled down, I took its' photo and mourned for it :(

LOL, I was just .. releasing my stress .....

with all this blablablah!
the cup wasn't broken by me, fyi ==



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