Sunday, September 12

Unexpected Insights of A Dusk

Since hols started, most mornings are either wet, in a monotone of grey or both!!
You dun really wanna pull yourself out of a cozy bed to be greeted by the gloomy weather
When it doesn't pour, it scorches

Anyway I need anything but studyfresh air and plants wanna drink..
Its evening and "Mom, the plants look dehydrated... i go give first aid... k"
While quenching their thirst, the orange hue of the sky captivated my attention

Dragged my brother with me.. i don't dare to hold my dslr in some deserted place snapping photos unaccompanied.. bad things can happen nowadays.. some bad guys may be lurking in the dark corner, waiting for it's prey to come to him and there you go, all by yourself, busy clicking away - the vulnerable perfect prey.....*poof* off go the dslr, snatched by 'em, and they think one dslr isn't enough, so they .....

okay, getting far .. heh.. off we go!

Look at the view! Spectacular eh ? :D

I personally loooooooooooove this the most!!! :D

Look at the clouds! I think it's smokyyyy :O

Using a diff cam mode, it gives more of a calm feeling compared to the orange hue (more warm).

As dusk sets in, mosquitoes are out hunting for food ..
No way I'm gonna be their dinner for the night! Back home we go with a pleased heart! :D

Getting distracted can be worthwhile :P (justifying why time wasn't wasted)
besides enjoying the scenes, it got me thinking too.. LOL

Seemingly boring stuff that one failed to notice day in day out
When being viewed upon at a particular angle at right timing..
projects an entirely unexpected perspective,
if only one makes a timely effort
..See with eyes and heart!

Yet these beautiful moments are usually short-lived
..Treasure them!

It doesn't matter that darkness has to fall in so soon after
For there is always more, expect the unexpected
..Keep going!

Count your blessings, xD

One last emo tree before ending the post! :P


Anonymous said...

u snapped these photos by urself arent u? amazing!!! may i noe which camera u use? thx a lot..

i know my name :D said...

haha, yeap! THANK YOU :D
using Canon 50D ;)
do leave ur name & link if you have one :)

-JoJo- said...

This is awesome!


i know my name :D said...

Thank you JOJO!! :D