Thursday, December 22

3 days to Christmas!

Currently blogging using iPad2, too bad they haven't create an app of blogger for iPad, it's so hard to type!

Plans I've made for this holiday to prepare for A2 exams next year had miserably failed I guess.. Oh wait! I've still got one week till December actually ends! I shall make use of this one week then  nothing's too late, at least I kinda enjoyed my holiday xD

Drove to Subang alone for my appointment, then visited th (dengue fever) in SJMC D; without getting lost! I'm so proud of myself haha! But still, it's kinda creepy going to a hospital, what if I got lost inside the hospital itself?! I have very bad direction sense ok wtf, but it's slowly improving after I started driving :o oh and thanks aunty for the pizza lunch! xD

Drove to IOI ..

Drove my bro to IOI Boulevard's Snowflake to meet up with both my cousin brothers :) had a nice chat, guessed the lil kids(bro n lil couz bro) enjoyed their time there too haha!

Went to williams for dinner, it was freaking late == the meatball pasta killed me, I think I gained tonnes after that meal.. I almost fell asleep while chewing the meatball== oh, luckily Jess back home right on time! Though I don't think I have a curfew, but I should set one myself :x such a good girl right! Hahaha!!

Then drove to pilates myself because mom wasn't feeling well to go for the class #foreveralone. The instructor didn't notice that my mom was absent! Haha! Oh well, after sweating, home, bathe, headed for another meeting up with high school friends :) shopped around but failed == whyyyyyy oh waaaaai isit so hard to get a pair of nice flip-flops?! Sien.

The exact night, my grandma was admitted to hospital because of the fast rate of her heartbeat.. Ze family went to HUKM after dinner, the first thought that came to my mind when I reached there was "woahh, huge hospital, sure get lost one" .... Guess what? It came true hahahaha! It was almost midnight and super duper creepy can?! We see nobody in the whole hospital @@ and there's a door that opened, but no one came out... I repeat, NO ONE! We're too lazy to find out what or who opened the door .. So we left@@.. We even went to basement Zzzzzzzzzz, creepy much@@ anyway all of us found the way out (duh).. Scary experience@@

Next day, went to midvalley with WJ, wanted to see the Xmas decors but no time.. Sad D:

Hehe, Monday fetched bro and you-know-who out for lunch 8D but the restaurant wasn't open that day zzz. I didn't know that restaurant that sells pork doesn't open on Monday D: and it was gonna rain! So we just settled down some where near :) turns out the food was quite good :O it was raining heavily while we're eating so it was cooooooooling yo! Movie time :D

Drove Christine to OU the next day:o whatever happened, it's gonna be between us hahaha! Funny ah xD saw Ms Chong there :o failed to shop for flip-flops again.. Sien. Going back home was a smooth ride :D

And now, Santa is coming to town :D I want a lomo camera please? haha! It's not really necessary but I would like to own one 

Watched Timothy's marriage proposal to Audrey's video, it was soooo sweet! I think it was partly because of the background song haha:X

Whoops, time to offline :p sayonara and Merry Christmas!

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