Friday, December 23

Free lunch xD

I hate LDP == especially when it's raining and there's an accident, terrible I tell you! But luckily it wasn't that jam today.. Fetched bro to pyramid for lunch, free KFC xD just go to counter and pass them the coupon and ordered #likeaboss. Awesome!

Took photos of Pyramid's Xmas decor, bro kacau so can't shop.. Went home. My petrol light was blinking non stop! Damn gan cheong I tell you wtf, keep looking at the range that it still can go.. Luckilyyyyy again, I reached home safely with 10km range left xD I guess it's just my lucky day :D

Just a pic of a random snowman :P and a photo of their decor taken using iPad, I #foreverlazy to upload my DSLR's photo lah :X

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