Saturday, March 3

Hello March :)

What a tough week :( 
Time is passing like a rocket wth -_- 10 more weeks to A2 Exam, seriously? I'm so not prepared for this -.- slacking max. DAIIIIII D:

Saw this series of paintings/posters in the foyer, my friends and I were trying to decipher the meanings of it LOL. Wonder whether we got it right ;x Ohwell;x


Had a presentation on Wednesday aka Leap Day! :D
Such coincidence ;o and my group were the last to present @@ 
I think I've complaint enough about the powerpoint slides, no point complaining bout it again here, at least I see my hardwork on the screen :) Oh, and I'll bear my lecturer's advice in mind too. :) Thankyou! :D

Sooooooo, this is how I look like in formal! HAHAH!

Too bad there wasn't a picture of me presenting D: I think I was quite nervous ;x

Ohhh, lemme show you guys something!

Those ain't marbles, ain't pearls, ain't your normal jelly soil for the plants either...
They're immobilized enzyme! :D so pretty :p
I was told that the 'pearls' you get in your bubble tea, it's the same as how you made the immobilized enzyme ;x 
This is what you do during Bio class! Interesting and fun, but bio for exams? No. no. lol.



M2 said...

Nice photo! ..But you didn't take Bio class, right? so how did you know about the bubble tea thingy?

Nath said...

Bio was my favorite subject back in high school :D

i know my name :D said...

M2, haha, my friend that studied bio told me! :D

Nath, hello! :D I prefer Chemistry last time :P Bio interesting, but too much to memorize :(