Sunday, February 26

The Wedding Diary

Student Planner! :D

Collected the Student Planner and also a RM15 Cash Voucher for Sun-U's own Souvenir shop o.O need to go visit there someday to spend the voucher :X

I have a few planners at home, always feel like using them, but... the thing is, I'm just to lazy to carry it around .. heavy okay ._. so .. all my planners are collecting dust now ....... I feel so bad ;/ I'll try to use this planner la.

Had a physics test last Friday, studied around 8-9 chapters like mad, with the definitions and stuffs within 1-2 days, just for 3 questions -.- obviously the test was just a trick to make us study LOL, if not we wouldn't have studied ;) probably wouldn't even touch the notes(for me la) ;x! There's a question related to Capasitance, damn tricky I tell you. Kena con wtf lol. Everyone in the lab was like cursing haha xD

Went to Pyramid straight after class :D was rushing because we didn't book tickets :/ surprising there wasn't even a line LOL.

While going up the escalator "惨了咯,排长龙了。" ....
When we reached the top... "哦,没有龙啦,虫罢了.." ....
Walk closer, "虫都没有" -.-
hahaha xD

The movie was only available in the Beanie Plex o.O it was RM39 for two, kinda pricey, but we bought it anyway :x

Hmm, I wonder why were there  weird symbols beside the movie title o.O

I know, I know, watched it a bit the late right ;x

Oh well, the beanie seats were huge! You can actually fall asleep if you're tired lol. I had to sit up a little cos I can't really see the screen ;x too short la, what to do ;/ overall the movie was not bad-ish, some jokes here and there and of course some teary scenes D: hmm, somehow it brings the message of "No Money, No Wedding" to me ._. especially the wedding dinner lol ._.

Went for Hot Stone Massage today! :D Will blog about it soon :x Quite a few pending posts =/
Ok la. Back to homework! BYEEEEE :D


M2 said...

Can just do ROM (registration of marriage) - it is not a must for expensive wedding banquets in this modern time and age.

i know my name :D said...

Ooooo, I see :O