Tuesday, February 14

February 14th :)

Made using Kisses wrappers haha! :)

Valentine's Day ! 

Today started as a normal day,
did some experiments, azo dye one was a failure :( but the chromatography experiment was cool 8D hopefully exp19 (iforgotthenameoftheexperiment;x) was okay, have to wait for a week! And,  my hand smells like one of the chemicals, the smell is still there!! it stinks wth. this is whyy i hate lab work :( wear gloves, smells like gloves too! eee :S

The results of Chromatography Exp! :O Preeettyyy colourrrs!

Roses everywhere in college! Had lunch @ Pyramid:D
There goes Feb the 14th! Haha! :X
It's just funny how we think alike ;)

PS; Happy Birthday to my ex-maid! :)

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