Saturday, February 18

Someone like you.

Hello! Sorry for the random title haha! It just came to me o.O must be a sign from Adele hahaha! Congrats to Adele yo! for winning 6 grammy awards! :D

Saturday is always an exercise day for me, one week once is more than enough for a lazy person hahahaha ;x No matter how hard I work out, I just cannot get rid of the "spare meats", so I might as well live with it I guess :D

Oh look! It's spongebob heeee! :D Cute right :D I made it myself :) Cute lil things is heart. :)

Gah, this weekend's packed load with homework ._. I want to forget that I'm running out of time *points at title* But, I'll die x1203475437 if I do so :'( Oh well. 

Signing off,
Kar Mern


CKS said...

apa la ni.. i expect sth special from this title but not true ==..

Kar Mern said...

What you expect LOL. Can't think of a title ma :/

CKS said...

expect someone like xxx xD..recently adele's song keep repeat in FM ==

Min2 said...

You - "spare meats"? Hahaha, mana?

i know my name :D said...

CKS: LOL who is xxx :P yaaa, last time was rolling in the deep, now set fire to the rain!

Min2: hehe, ada la! secret place :P