Saturday, February 11

Of random stuffs!

Fireworks on the first night of CNY. Kinda a fail shot, need to have longer shutter speed :/ fireworks are so pretty! but it only lasts for a few seconds:(



Fireworks on the last day, haha! shutter speed not bad, just that the roof is blocking, can't take a full view of it. Sucks -.-

Random street light. Brightly lighting up the streets in the middle of the night.
Imagine a world with no lights, everything is in darkness..
But it wouldn't be as dark as we think it'll be, there's still the moon!

This was the first fullmoon in year of the water dragon :) it was so bright and round! :P

Lizards in my neighbour's porch lamp. I don't know why are they inside there.
Lizards only eat mosquito and tiny flying bugs right .. I see nothing in the lamp o.O
I wonder what lizards see, can they see the light? How can their eyes stand such bright light for so long! Will they get short-sighted? HAHAHA! Or does that only happen to humans? o.O
Or maybe they are just enjoying lizard sauna in the lamp lol! If it's energy saving light bulb it wouldnt be that hot right o.o since most energy in converted into light? /physics siao.
Oh well, whatever it is, glad I took this photo haha!

Next will be the post about Underworld: The Awakening! :D

Went with Kat after class on Thursday.
Forgot the U-turn bridge was blocked because of the contra-lane, so I had to make a U-turn in BP.
We watched the movie for free! Haha! Thank you to Christine :P! She won 4 tickets from FlyFM 8D Wanted to watch in Pyramid but turns out that they only have 3D -.-

The envelope with the tickets! :D

The movie was .. okayla. Action all the way. That's all LOL!

Walked around after the movie and had dinner.
Legs almost died when I reach home. I can feel the numbness already ._.
Super tiring day!


PheyNee went to Bangkok and brought back these alcohol chocolates!

These are the cocktail ones :O
Drambuie, Vodka, Cocktail and Tequila Gold!

Have yet to try mine, they are so pretty!
Thanks PheyNee! :D


Guess I'm done with all the random stuffs.
Time to start work lol D:

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