Thursday, February 9

FGS Dong Zen Temple~CNY Lantern & Flora Festival

Hmm, how do I start?

FGS DZ Temple is located at Jenjarom, an hour + of driving I think. It was a cousin gang trip! :D

Cousin bro came to pick all of us up and headed to dinner! We tried this famous Red Wine Mee Sua, it was a stall located inside a housing area. I think we ordered a total of 8 bowls of noodles and it only cost RM30+! So cheappp!

This is the stall place o.O

Taking random pictures .... LOL

Bro so tall already! Ugh :P

She's cooking our Mee Sua :9

Random stuff going on lol ..

The soup tasted like Yellow wine instead of red wine thou, but it was super delicious! I'm only the fan of the soup, don't like Mee Sua xD

Lo Bak Gou! :D

Laksa Pan Mee :O

Hahaha! Pro kid! Even the Saga have to give way :P

Me myself ordered Pan Mee, which they call it 面粉糕 o.O I only knew it on that day itself -.- Bought sugarcane drinks too, it was amazing, so sweet! 100% natural FYI :p

Then we proceed to FGS DZ Temple!
The sky was still quite bright, so the decorations wasnt that attractive to me .. yet :x but I took some pics anyway.

My leg hurts after the whole trip, few hours of standing and shooting photos. Not to mention it was HOT too, sweating like mad! The whole trip was not bad la :p lights were awesome, but it's hard to take pictures of humans in the dark. Didn't wanna use flash because it gives such an unnatural feeling:/

Tang lungs :)

Burning the incense :O

Dragon head with fishes!

I have to squat down on the floor to take this omg.
It's actually a puddle of water after the rain LOL.

Brightly lit moon in the background! :D

Reflections :)

I love this! So cute :3

So pretty right!

They were all these bottles!

One last pic of us! :D

Went to Poon Kei for desserts, Aloe Vera Sago :9 bro ordered their Tau Foo Fah, it was very smooth, I shall try it next time 8D ate chee cheong fun too 8D (project getting fat success)

Homeee after desserts, parents bought brother a cake :O and you guessed it right, we celebrated his birthday a day earlier and I had another piece of chocolate cake ...... Slept after that, oh gosh. FAT NESS :X

That's all for one hectic day. Few more hectic days coming up! LOL!

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