Monday, July 16

Laser Tag yo!

[blogging this @ Aug 10, but posting it as July 16th, for unknown reasons -_-]

OK. I don't remember when did this happen.. but fret not! There's always facebook /lame.
*checks fb event page*
Oooohhhh, so it was June............. looooooooooooong time ago.
Hmmm... nothing much, met up with hui teng before playing laser tag :)

My present from Hui Teng :)
Polaroid camera! ♥

I took my first polaroid picture with the one that gave me the camera :D

I purposely not use the camera until we meet up one k! :3
Thank you HT :DD!

Then HT left to work, me and Christine were bored while waiting so we did silly faces lol. 
Hopefully no one saw us ._____.
L to R: 
1.idk what face 2.Mashimaro!
3. me being cacat 4. normal face lol
5. whats your problem man.. 6. very normal us ;x

Time for laser tag! Was soooooo tired and sleepy after lunch and all the stupid faces ._.
With Min Dee and Teoh Yi ;D

See us in our armour?! HAHA. Dont play play.
Went for tea @ Teh Tarik Place with classmates after that. 

Spot our reflections ;D

And we watch the sun set together :D

That's all for this post lol.
I WILL TRY to finish up random post before going to Italy. HAVE TO PACK OMG. HATE HATE HATE PACKING D:

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