Sunday, July 11

It's another Sunday!

Sooooo, FIFA Worldcup 2010 ends this midnight @ 2.30am! Wooohooo!
Spain vs Netherlands .. Who'll win this time?

To believe or not to believe Paul, that's the question, or isit not? (unsure)

An octopus has 8 legs, Paul predicted 8 matches correctly,
Will it still predict the 9th match, which is also the FINAL match, accurately? :O

Whatever it is, good luck everyone!
I, myself, will be waking up to watch this match :P
Whaaaat? Just joining the FIFA fever :P
but hey! I won't be skipping school :X

A random picture I took... somewhere... today...

It gives me a dark, jail-like feeling. Where something is trapped inside, and wanting to escape desperately, but failed, and will never succeed. It will stay there forever, haunting that place, things go in, but nothing escapes from it. (okay this is getting scary -.-) I'll find something happy to post next time! LOL.

Okay, back to what I should be doing ;x


Anonymous said...

where u get the "balls"

Vin Tsen Gan said...

Nah, screw the octopus! Trust the parakeet =D Hollanders are gonna blow the Spaniards home with their windmill!

I hope =X

-0wner! said...

Anon- =.= dad's club.

Vin Tsen: LOL! Spain was strong, both played well thou :D Paul is right .. again! :/

Evelyn Chang said...

haha yeap~ 3 days of class only =)

hehe ;p