Wednesday, July 7

Lost .. in time ..

I seemed to have neglected my blog a lot this year
Or I ain't that passionate in blogging anymore, I don't know..

Time flies.
A friend just reminded me that there'll be like another 120+ days?
Approx 12 days for each sub?
Okay, that thought scares me .. for a while LOL -__-

The lazy bug seems to have invaded my immune system, long enough to destroy all my hardworking cells (if they ever existed)

Things are getting more complicated .. day by day ..
Living in present, working for future (huh? does it even make sense?)


Sky turned gray, dark clouds invaded the sky right before the school ends.
It's been a long time since I experience this kinda weather in school.
I kinda miss it though, reminds me of the days in Primary 1 - 3 (afternoon class).
Thus every evening it'll be like raining, dark and cold LOL.
There was this incident when me yw wj waited at the bus stop, soaked wet because of the heavy rain, couldn't get into wj grandpa's car because the keys were lock inside (lol), reached home around 9 I guess .. that was during .. standard 1? not too sure .. haha, those days :P

Damnit, accidentally scratched my upper arm against that damn gate after tuition.
There's this burning-tickling sensation on the wounded area @!@#%
I hate it. Started to bleed a lil, consider a small wound .. but still :/

Okay, should be sleeping early,
MAY BE waking up to watch football.
Spain vs Germany, seems interesting + exciting to me. :P
Nights :D

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