Wednesday, June 30

Mother's Day @ Zen Japanese Restaurant; Father's Day @ Ah Yat!

Heh, I decided to post this 2 special day for both parents in one special post!
Although it may be a lil late, but it's the thought that counts :P
So there you go, a post dedicated to both mom and dad :D

Yesh, a special day for the hardworking, super moms! LOL!
Well mine's super, she's my personal adviser, hairdresser ;x, she cooks, she fetches us, she pampers us and most of all, is because she loves us :D and yessss, love you too :D (ok getting cheesy :3)

So we went to Zen Japanese Restaurant @ Sunway Pyramid for dinner to celebrate Mother's Day! :D watched Iron Man 2 before that wooot! Sitting 3rd row again LOL, annoying eh. Neck pain :( Anyway, not a bad movie! :) Scarlett Johannson is hawt =x

Main person of the day~~ MOM :D

lol, in specs :/

Green tea is loveeeeee :D

Octopus too!!! OMG MY FAAAAAV

Look at this, so cute! HAHA!


Sashimi set 8D


Grilled salmon i think.

Bought new hairbands too~ Thanks mom~ :D
Wanted to go for TitDa but it was too late I think,
So went the next day, and my finger still feel the pain now(22/5), but less and I can fully bend it!! =D

Went for Father's Day dinner @ Ah Yat :)
Dad too, is a super dad LOL.
I have both super mom and dad =D
Thanks for everything though I may be annoying and very "obedient" sometimes heh :)
Oh well, love you guys! :D


Peking duck :D

The skin :9

This is super delicious !!!!!!!!

This too!!!! The fried "kai lan" fuyooooh!

Fried mee with duck meat ;)

Ze Menu!

Ze main dish~ Abalone :)

There's the end for both Mother's & Father's Day celebration for this year :)


Xjion89 said...

ooo, u got both ur mom and dad 's look~~


Evelyn Chang said...

nice food! ;D