Friday, June 25

Sayonara & Arigato to Pn Tan~

Pn Tan & I

It's Pn Tan's last day in school today :(
It was still hard for me to accept the fact until today .. until the moment that she was about to leave, I guess she probably felt that way too.. (she said she felt sad the few nights before)...

She's a great teacher, esp her teaching method & the way she explains .. although she may be fierce sometimes/goes too fast (hehe)
But what touched me most is her amicable nature, often jokes around with us .. advice on our future study options and some invaluable 人生道理 :O
School days without you will never be the same again..
All the best in your future endeavours! :D
I'll miss you!

5 Alfa (2010) with Pn Tan~ :)


Got results for almost all the subjects,
Wasn't as bad as I thought.
There're no B's~ And the current lowest mark is 74 -_-
2 subs hit that lowest mark, asdfkjhasdkjfh
Sivik and PJK still unknown .. (which i bet it'll be lowest) -_-

Maths Add Maths English
Sejarah Phy Chem
BM Bio Moral BC

Gah, in sequence by grades + marks somehow LOL.

Chinese results ..
Thankfully Paper 1 helped .. A LOT.
My Paper 2 really sucks, but .. was also the highest LOL -_-

I assume Paper 1's essay was good since teacher thought I had the leaked questions LOL.
Well, I admit that I had parts of them, but wasn't useful, since I don't like to write fictional essays.
There's no time to check out model essays too, focused on Paper 2 and it .. turned out BAD in the end HAHA XD

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