Monday, June 14

Monday bluesss~

Yessssss, it's Monday already :(
Nothing to say about today I think, weekdays are normally dull :/

Went to visit my babysitter (from 2 month old till i was 3) yesterday, woah! time flies eh?
Now she has a 5-yr-old granddaughter, damn fair! Her cheeks so pinkish omgosh :D

Hee, this was 2yrs ago lol. Wasn't so friendly that time :O

Lol, her cheeks!! beh tahan xD

Had very speechless chats with the adults =x I think they're trying to scare my mom hahahaha. To escape from their attacks, I went to talk to Ashley instead HAHA! Both of us hide behind the sofa and had random chats lulz.

Initially was speaking English, then she wanted to tell me something in Chinese, she actually asked her aunt to translate for me LOL. told her "Aiyoh, I know Chinese la xD" very funny la her lol.

LOL VGA quality cha =="
*hiding behind the sofa* LOL


Their new dog I think o.o
Ashley kept saying it's her dog(well it is la), just doubted her for fun ;x
Asked about the age .. she said 50+ LOLOLOLOLOL
Caught her asking her mom instead :P
Kids, are fun :P

Aunty gave us dumpling~ :)
Uncle kept saying I'm under-nourished =="
Never mind, at least had fun with Ashley :P

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