Monday, June 7

Impromptu Trip to Bukit Tinggi :D

Hello world!

School holiday has officially started! Yeah, that was like days ago.
So far, one sad incident occurred, loads of stressful stuffs awaiting to be done.

But fear no more! Had an impromptu trip to Bukit Tinggi! :D

What makes "impromptu" trips so exciting?
Firstly, you'll have to start packing up equipments asap!
Secondly, you can't spend much time wandering inside your wardrobe before deciding WHAT to wear.
Thirdly, you have to dump whatever plans you've made with a whole lot of effort.
Fourthly, you have to MAKE SURE that you've bring everything that is needed.

Err.. does it sound as if impromptu trip isn't fun? but it's fun LOL (confused)

Lastly, you can forget everything for the moment, be spontaneous and enjoy the trip :)
Enjoy the journey with family members. Enjoy random songs playing on radio. Enjoy the jamview. Enjoy the random fights at the backseat. Enjoy whatever that comes along the way.... OKAY, I should start blogging about the trip LOL :P

AS I SAID (lol), we decided to head for Bukit Tinggi! Somewhere not too far, yet some distance away to qualify as a trip, and no more shopping malls :P AND ALSO..... an opportunity for me to play around with my dear DSLR :D *blows dust* :P

Passed by National Zoo & we saw storks in the sky! :D

FINALLY, after an hour of crazy turns and rounds, almost attacked by the nausea feeling :S Okay, it doesn't feel well :S seriously :S The road .. was like a snake!!!!! Crazy -_-

We've reached~~~~~~~ Colmar! LOL!

Me & Bro~ :D

He's catching up! :( Oh no :(

Random butterfly I saw :D

LOL, birds caught my attention again! :D

Sitting at some random shop ;x

Spot this little girl playing bubbles! So cute! Haha!

Dropped by this bakery shop, bro was enjoying his meal =/

Pretty table they have :O

Spot their big flippers? :O

Swan~ See the reflection? :)

They even have a pair of BLACK swan by the pond, wow! :P

lulz, the lobby's window xD

Next, we headed to the botanical garden! :)

Morning Glory!!

They really possess a very intense colour! Really pretty!

I don't know what's name of this flower but I really love it, so colourful and petite!

Can be found in various kind of colours, I love this the most! It's a bit pastel-like, really pretty :)

See! Even the bees fell in love with them! :D

This is a very bright one, abit .. too bright for me thou.

There're also mini pink roses! Haha!
This one kinda just withered off the stalk :(
I like the feeling when it's surrounded by tiny green leaves by the rock .. at least it isn't lonely :(

Random Japanese Restaurant :O

Mantis-scorpion-ant-like insect O_O

Woot, butterfly!! again lol.


Evelyn Chang said...

wow bukit tinggi seems to be nice!! ;D

` Yi Han said...

pretty pictures! (:

kenwooi said...

really nice.. i hope to go there one day =)

Kar Mern said...

Evelyn: Only for photo purpose :P It's actually quite boring there xD

'Yi Han: Thanks! :D

Ken Wooi: Yesh, but it can be boring too :P

TOLANIC said...

I like the swan photos. I like the reflection!