Saturday, June 12



My muscles are screaming in pain (yes i can hear them T.T)
Haiz, more muscle training today, I guess they're gonna boycott me sooner or later ! Their current retaliation strategy is by not letting me laugh (omgosh) for one whole week!
Yes, my abdomen aches whenever I laugh (annoyed)

!@^%#$&!^%@#$ It's Saturday!!!! Oh no :(
One more week of holiday left! 2 weeks ain't enough :( Can we have summer break like other countries too? ;x since Malaysia is full-time Summer .. so ... we don't need to go to school yay! (fat hope T.T)

Yesterday's PP+bowling + Today's random workout = TIRING :O

Time to head to my comfy bed, and have a gooooooooooooooooood rest :3


Anonymous said...

oink oink xD

Xjion89 said...

heyya, dropping by^^

Kar Mern said...

Anon: ==" sampat