Tuesday, June 1

Hellooo Junee :)

Oh yeah, it's the first of June, I'm going to have my CHINESE paper later, yes, I am so excited. Thinking about writing a 350-words-and-above-essay excites me. Thinking about translating CHINESE LITERATURE COMPONENTS excites me too, oh I. CANT. WAIT.

Sigh, didn't manage to study the idioms .. THERE'S LIKE .... 200+ OF THEM? Total from removed class - form 5. This is plain crazy. Both the other 2 Language doesn't require us to memorize ALL these .. Oh wait, you have to memorize the origination & the author of the idiom too. 200 of them. 200 !!!!!!! so you think it's easy?

There's another thing, we are given novels to study for both 2-other-language's Literature, there's at LEAST a syllabus of what to study. Well *cough* the paper I'm taking later doesn't have syllabus at all, you just get your *ahem* in the examination hall and .. answer everything .. IN WORDS, no more objective. Wow, there's like .. thousands of chinese literature component, and we're required to know ALL. Cool. We're robots, studying robots.

No wonder people drop this subject. Not only hard to study, but hard to score.
Okay, tired. Nights.
What a great way to start a new month.
On the bright side, 2 MORE FRIGGIN' DAYS! WOOOOOOOT

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