Friday, June 11


*yawn* so freakin tired.

Met addmaths teacher opposite of school while having lunch, thanks for the meal! Haha. It's not easy being a teacher eh, it's holiday and they still have to be back at school o.o?

I guess there ain't any easy job. Even housewives can be very busy! Lmao.

My eagerness to exercise had zapped out a fair bit of energy from me i think LOL :/ was really very tired, almost 6hrs @ Bukit Jalil. PP is so not my thing, it's never my thing zz. Tried to learn, half failedsuccessful i think, the learning process was "fun" though lol..

Then bowling, at least get to strike once, last fri double strike eh D; gah, beginner's luck :/ i don't even remember my score now LOL ==Dinner was super bloated, was feeling super sleepy already

*yawn*Had laksa for supper! Woot! And some Apam Balik. Woah, the bloat-ness before increased to the max, very satisfied :D

Well, hoping to plump up a little, just a leeeetle == parents said i appeared to have lost some weight after exams zz, i was like "WHAT?!" I ate non stop during exams, i ended up looking skinnier zz,so damn annoyed. Although body seemed to be skinnier, face remained chubby !@#%}^&*~ fine, it's time to sleep. Nights!

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