Tuesday, June 15

On the road !

Today was suppose to stay at home, finish up my "holiday homework"
Suddenly a number called!

It was my new driving instructor (which coincidentally was cy's instructor!) Haha~! Small world~

He retaught me some basics, then I get to drive on the road! :)

Was super excited!! Drove steadily, never once stalled in the middle of the road! *proud*
Changing gear was fun!

Hoho, looking forward to the next lesson!

Back to homework now :(

Before I end this post,
See how pitiful these cats are :(

Like owner, like pets?
This is so wrong, poor cats!

Whyyyy so seriousssss~

Now, who said cats should look like clowns -.-
Who said cats like clowns..
Who said cats like their puuurrrety furs being dyed -_-

ZZ wtheck lol

Happy Halloween?

OH go get a costume yourself! LOL.

ZZZ wtheck?!?!?! poor thing =/

Yeah, friends shared this through email :) Just for sharing :/
Don't ever treat your pets like your BARBIE DOLL.
That's horrible LOL.


v!vi@n said...

hahahahahha...the face on the ass of the cat..LOL...cun stop laughing...

FiSh said...

u got ur licence edi? or learning from him now lols

Evelyn Chang said...

hahaa so funy right all those cat?;p