Wednesday, June 9

Just a "holiday" update .. lol

It's Wednesday alreaaaaaady! Omgosh, this means a quarter of holiday is gone!! @#$!&%@#! Can time pass anymore faster!? Gaaaah!

There's still the same ol' amount of work waiting to be done .. OH WAIT! It's growing .. .. Oh no :( Like a monstaaaaaar :(

Monday went to pay respect @ Gui Yuan. First time, with friends. We didn't know what to do, we round the whole place, then finally met his son. But he was out already .. .. .. Lunch @ Wendy's, super bloated. Exercised via bowling xD

My fingers are so painful now, one month of rest is too much .. I gotta start all over again .. sigh .. A promise to myself, no more you-know-what. Too risky :( Need to gain back my stamina and fingers muscle this holiday ~!

Off to eat Ferrero Rocher :P Byee! :P

Before that,
Happy Birthday to Joshua Sin! :)

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