Sunday, June 13

Parents' Day @ Bkt Jalil & Umai-Ya!

Hello! Woke up and went for breakfast, 2 piece of Toast, 2 half-boiled egg and a cup of White Coffee :) Just light and nice for a breakfast :)

I don't know why I can't take any Mee/Rice for breakfast -.- I guess my stomach can't digest eh :/

Head to Bukit Jalil next, (yes, i forgot it was today), some Parents' Day organized by Eagle Point, they had some activities before the performances begin, such as blood pressure check up, caricature, chinese tea, balloons thingy, and I saw LOTSA DSLR -_-

Brought home a piece of Artwork by Lim Kok Wing's students (according to what i've been told). Enjoyed some performances by the children .. They performed SMILE! i like that song, it was live+keyboard+guitar etc! Niceee! the others ..... i went home .. =x

The Art.

Lunch @ Umai-Ya.
Nothing special there .. Enjoyed my set thou :P 13 kinds of sushi :) Bloated!

Red Team LOL (no we didn't plan to wear the same colour -.-)


Mom's California Roll.

I like the tea cup :)

Bro's Udon set, not really ... nice ....


Dontchu just loooooove UNAGI? :P


That's all for today I guess :/
Bye :P


Anonymous said...

cant digest still eat so much == ..
btw..likes the art

Kar Mern said...

HAHA! Eat bread and egg only ma.. a lot meh? =x
Hehe! But doesn't quite look alike =/

Evelyn Chang said...

umai ya nice right?hehe