Monday, June 21

Farewell hols, farewell teachers :(

School officially resume today :( It was suppose to be .. well happy in a way .. but bad news struck us during assembly :(

Chemistry teacher has been transferred to Puchong (B) - it's her last day in school today :(
Add Maths teacher has also decided to go for her promotion in Matriculation.. its like anytime now or hopefully a couple more months but for sure she's leaving :(

They gave their speeches, well .. it was so sad that I almost teared LOL yeah :/ Goodbyes are part of life, I know. But having all these happening when you least expect it, is so..... :(

Got back results .. GAH @!#*&!^@(# No comment already =___=

Reallyyyyy tired on the first day of school :/

Tomorrow there's a school trip! Weee~ Oh, good luck to those who are going for the debate! :D

Here's a random essay that I found while I was clearing out stuffs in my cupboard during the hols, it's in a book of essays O_O Hmmm, I guess I randomly wrote it ... during Form 3... o.o

Don't ask me why or how I came out with such a storyline, me, myself am shocked at what I wrote LOL -__-"

The story has no ending LOL, probably I ran out of inspiration.. Oh well :P

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-JoJo- said...

Wow, ur mandarin is awesome.