Wednesday, June 2

One more day!

Weeeeeee! I suddenly have the urge to update for awhile LOL.
Yes, just because I don't feel like studying for the last 2 papers :X
Which is Physics and Chemistry Paper 3 heh!

Totally in holiday mood already~ Lalalala~
Oh today's Au Hau Nung's birthday!
Gave him a surprise party! HAHAHA.
He was so sad in the morning already, non of us in class wished him (i think)
TTH and LHY was kinda the masterminds again -_- (I personally think they like to make ppl's life miserable on their birthday then give them random surprises) LOL!

AHN was reaaaaaaally sad I think, he kept hinting that it's his birthday today!!!!!!!
Adding to his disappointment....
We acted kinda *naturally inert* to his BIG OBVIOUS hints :P
Was so excited when its time to head to our secret hide-out with everyone xD
Thanks teacher for giving your support! :D haha!

Last but not least,
Happy Birthday supernoobcartoonfan!!!!
Nah, althou cake finish makan already, there's still a pic of it :P

Chocolate Banana Cake from Secret Recipe!

From LHY, TTH, LYS, CKS, Josh, Kritz, Daniel,
NCY, TSQ, TS-R, Mic, Whiteice, Fiona, Ann and me! :D

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