Thursday, June 3

Things just don't go your way

yay exam's over, i'm so excited now.

No, I don't exactly feel so.
I should be happy, excited that holiday is finally here, 2 weeks of em!
I should be happy, no more revising last minute till late hours/waking up early to study for exams.
I should feel relieved, but no.
Before sitting for the last paper, before the exams end, before the fun begins, the nightmare started ... :(

Projects, homework, and uncountable homework .. what more?

Piano, driving, revising (lol,as if that'll happen) ..

Life.. less.

Was mood-less after exams, not that happy afterall. Should buck up by now, sigh.
In this few critical months :(

Anyway, tomorrow outing! HAHAHA WOOT :P

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