Wednesday, June 16

3rd Lesson + Sunway outing!

Haha! I said that I was looking forward to the next driving lesson and guess what? The uncle called me last night and said that I could drive today wooooot!

Slept kinda late yesterday, was soooooo sleepy, but that didn't stop me from driving :P Immediately felt super alert when my hands were on the steering! HAHAH! Exaggerating ? Nahhh, I like driving :P Manual ain't that bad now :P

Drove from home to the place where I'll be taking my exams on 5th of July, yessshhh, 5th of July's the day! Sounds scary already T.T That's my only chance, well, I must pass ;D

Practiced the slope thingy today. Woah, super exciting! Accelerating up there .. BRAKEEE .. pull handbrake *krak krak*, lift brake, feeel the car .. ain't going backwards then slowly accelerate .. feel the movement of the car & the engine .. release handbrake .. accelerate a leeeeetle bit more .. sloooowly lift clutch, hold it there .. and off you go! (yeah i think it's something like that, blogging here so that i'll rmb) LMAO.

WOOOT! Never slide backwards :P

But I dont understand some people, they can pause reaaaaally long on the slope & NOT trying to go up, they're just blocking everyone else there, the queue was sooo long! I wonder what's happening in the car -_- 6364 - Avoid waiting behind this car -_- LOL :P Quickly change lane HAHA!

Now i got these instructions on paper to memorize, for the parking hoho.

After the lesson, drove to Sunway HAHAHAHA COOL! The uncle had no idea where to stop so .. I control the car this time muahahahaha! Then free gear, pull handbrake and return back the car to uncle xD Off to lunch!

Met up with friends, ate lunch @ Fullhouse, super bloated, I can't finish my drink+soup+dessert -_- wasted djfhalskdjfhals

Our Ice-Lemon Tea :D

Some random deserts >_>

Walked around, hunted for stuffs with SQ. Then HT joined for photosticker! Hehehe!

Personally love this the most :)

Close up @__@

Well, had fun today! Hahahah.
Next outing before holiday ends - FRIDAY. MOVIE MARATHON WOOT!

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