Sunday, July 18

Program Latihan Khidmat Negara Siri 8/2011

Before I start ..

Niceeee? :P

Was on the way to tuition and *snap!* with phone :)

Okay, back to business,
PLKN aka National Service, is the hot topic for this week!

Everyone's like ..

"You check already?"
"Eh, got kena?"
"Sien lah, error establishing a database connection!!!!!!!!"
"Dun wan la, scared la"
"Daaaamn!!!! I KENA FML!"
"Yoooor, I want but didn't kena :("

Okay, basically that's what I heard LOL.
I guess the site is surf-able already.
I myself checked both text and the website ........

GUESS ....

WHAT ......

No KP anda tidak terdapat dalam senarai yang terpilih.

Hmm, I sorta have that feeling already .. so .. :/
(a lil) disappointed that I missed the chance for a totally new experience:/
Yet glad to be spared from the hassle that comes with it
Okay, I'm weird :/


Got souvenirs from eldest cousin ytd.
Played bowling lol, skill got worse somehow -.-
Met cousin @ restaurant lol.
Reorganized tuition notes @__@


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Anonymous said...

the 'Yoooor, I want but didn't kena :(' is very qian da hahaha! elmo.