Friday, November 12

Grats Lil' Bro!

Today's 12/11/10 :D

Wait, don't be so happy bout it yet,
I hate to countdown but .. daaaayum.

Grats lil bro for achieving 6A's 1B in UPSR :D
Although you tried to pretend to be EMO to trick me was a fail plan :P
Too much of whispering dude XD

Cheer up HT, old one don't go, new one won't come (HEY, not what you think k)

I officially d*l*n Dynamic! :D
Dynamic what? I wonder leh -.-
Whatever la, the way they do things really speechless. pfft.

Okay, it's 10 now, gotta go! Byeee!

It's COMING. Frikken 10 days left! :D

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