Thursday, November 18


Lolz, pathetic lightning, I know.
It was thundering non-stop in the evening y'knw.
So I went to snap lightnings =.= IT WASN'T EASY waddeff.
Relax myself a lil then went back in to eat books again.

Eff, I'm actually scared now.
Sigh. Damn you SPM.
This sucks. Bye!

4 DAYS?!



BlogReader said...

Nice shots. How did you manage to catch them in time? BTW, All the best and good luck for your SPM!

i know my name :D said...

Haha thanks! I thought the lightning was kinda pathetic xD not powerful enough :(

I was basically standing outside with my camera on High Speed Continuous Shot, & I was lucky ;)

Thank you BlogReader!

C , Cy , Cyn ♥ said...

oh my !! what is high speed continous shot?? damn i need more cam knowledge from ya.

btw wtf is ISO? if i put it higher it is taking pict so slow and... blur easily. fml

i know my name :D said...

LOL means you can shoot a whole series photos continuously with only one click in high speed ..

hahaha i dont know how to explain.
but LOW ISO works well in bright areas and can give you really pretty pictures.

The higher the ISO, the more the NOISE-those spots/grains on the photos that kills everything :S

But u only can capture non-shaky photos(noise will be obvious thou) in the dark with high ISO. unless you bring a tripod around lol!

ehhhhh, but i thought high ISO the speed is fast O_O slow and blur .. the shutter speed isit? lol @@