Saturday, November 6


Oh so I can actually blog by using this BlackBerry. This is no ordinary BB mind you, it lacks of some function. So I shall start my complaint post :D

It's been 2 days without proper internet, I could only go online by using BlackBerry. Which I think it's quite a hassle. I need to search for important things okay.

I've lodged a complaint to TM Net since yesterday. The techician had also came today and he said the line will be back to normal this afternoon. Yes, you've got it right, the line is still down! (Well,obviously right)

Surprisingly, a man came this afternoon to ask what do I think about Streamyx's service. He was actually doing a survey and asked whether do we wanna upgrade the service to Unifi. Oh CHEY. I thought they could fix the line -.- too bad dad wasn't at home that time, feel like upgrading eh. Higher speed. But hope it doesn't suck as much as Streamyx does.

There's a conflict here. It's like almost 2weeks left. I somehow hope the line will be down till SPM's over, so I could study in peace (because nobody will bother entering the study room to visit a computer w/o internet,lol). But .. The computer is nothing but a storage box w/o internet service D: and going online using BB has so much limitation :( Damn conflicting, argh.


Okay, played some random games with a lil girl @ place where I work out. Damn cute and mischievious wei.


Haihs, gotta make a choice. Have to think all over again. Stress wei.


Enough of ranting here. Back to books. Yes, reference books. Smelly reference books. Thick and smelly. Sucks wei.

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