Friday, December 31

Last Day of 2010

I guess streamyx really hate me. Anyway, I'm live blogging at ROKARO restaurant.

I can't type chinese but.. Ren Sheng Ru Meng, a year had just passed like that.. Listening to those emo songs is making me emo also -.-

2010, quite a lot of first time for this year.
I don't think I can recall all of them.
I shall remember how I end 2010, the most stressful but fun day, I actually parked my mom's car in Sunway Mall's carpark LOLOL!!! Of cos with my cousin bro's help haha. It was really freaking stressful, because it wasn't my car and I'll be dead meat if anything bad happened to the car. Besides that, I was really lucky too. Need not to wait for the bus :D twice!

2010, I wouldn't say I'll miss you but you'll surely own a place in my memories :)

2011, new year resolutions?
Just hope to be a better person and strive for the best!

All the best to everyone


Happy New Year!

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