Tuesday, December 21

Life after SPM


Luckily managed to watch Tangled with friends after SPM WOOHOOOO!

This will be a random post.
An informal post-spm blog.
eh wth, spm is overrr. stop stop, no more those 3 deadly alphabets!!

Soooooooooooooo, as I was saying,
Watched Tangled.
Cleaned up study room, cleared all the books..
Gosh, the rubbish @_@ Will post someday LOLOLOL.
Watched movies - Kitty Galore, Robin Hood.
Back hometown
- Eat eat eat
- Play with lil cousins (they reaaaaaally have lotsa energy :D)
- watched movie - Despicable Me
- watched series - Gossip Girl, How I Met Your Mother

My dad's .. idk who .. the Rambutan farm?? Their house.. Just taking for fun.

:D look at the "pillars", they used PVC pipe to hold the cement!

Kampung view~ GREEEEN!

LOL my youngest cousin .. She just likes to hide her smile XD

LOLOLOL~ 9,1,17,7 yr old @@ all super hyper! XD

will upload some other random photos someday .. @_@

Then back from kampung, it's Movie Marathon!!
First it was The Social Network, kinda .. meh.
OMG watched the Bourne series - Bourne Identity, Supremacy and Ultimatum
IDENTITY was awesome .. i think.
Supremacy okie.
Ultimatum - i think i was kinda tired already LOL
Anyway, MATT DAMON!!! XD

downloaded a few movies ..
wonder when will i have the time to watch it hmmmm.

Then somethin special.

ahh blah, mixed up.
OH my magazines!!
and Catching Fire.
ISH. so much to do yet so little time :( :( :(
I barely have to time to actually slack :(
Oh and my hair!! Need to dye someday lololololol.

Kinda hate my blog already,
it's so dead, it stinks.
Hope i can come up with something.


BOOYAH! My new specs *cough*

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