Wednesday, February 17

4th Day of CNY!

(Originally posted on 17 Feb 2010)

Going back to KL later, yeah, later because it's already 1am :D
Had quite some fun these days :D
Especially snapping random photos with my camera :P

Sad to accept the fact that,
I'm going back KL, because I don't wanna face the homework and stress after CNY.
No more fooling around eh? Sigh =="

It's CNY, no more sad thing.
Had our dinner in a restaurant today.
Went karaoke session later in Village Mall.
So much better than Cinta Sayang!!!!
But there's no big mirror for us to take photos just like how we did in the previous years =/
Oh well, something new :D

Sang for only 2 hours =/ not that fun =/

Lastly, a photo of us on the second day of CNY! Woot!

Cousin brothas.

Cousin sistas? Later when I'm back to KL hahaha =x
1st day of CNY? Later too xD


Evelyn Chang said...

nice dress! ;D

eshin :D said...

hey karmern ! i went to Sunway Carnival Mall, Sbrg Perai and watched 72 Tenants of Prosperity too !! XDXD keeesiao movie ! x)