Wednesday, February 10

Time's ticking!

original posting date : 10 Feb 2010




Obviously chose this lor :)

Gosh, I couldn't even take out some time to update blog,
Never been this busy! Homework and tuition had been eating up my precious time.

Anyway, a "quick" sum of what had happened ..
School's Road Run on the 6th of February, clashed with Calligraphy competition.
It's been a tradition that had been going on since form 1 or 2 (i forgot when it started)

So, I had to choose one, sigh ..
And I went for the Calligraphy Competition held in Summit, Subang, with HT, Kritz & Josh.
Had a chance to snap some photos of the sport houses before leaving,
Super colourful after the school started selling new PJ Shirt.
They'll change it every 5 years ..

Suddenly felt sad because couldn't run this year..
Nevermind, will make the best outta my choice.

Me & HT in her class :)

Some leaves?

Aku dgn Fiona :D

Flag + Poles =="

Hello teacher! XD

Left school to Summit.
Went up to the 4th floor through some isolated scary pathway.
Started snapping photos. :D
Registered our names, got the red paper ..
Had to sit on the very dusty cement-floor.
Luckily they provide us Mahjong paper to sit on lulz.

In the Van! :D

Scary hallway that lead us to .....

Summit Auditorium .. (blurred D;)

Better one! :D

Practiced a lil, kinda got fed up and feel that it's a waste of time and ink.
So .. started writing ..
1st letter .. not bad .. 2nd .. okay .. till the very last 4 words .. it looked like crap already.
Wanted to change paper ..
None left, fml.

Title ..

Mine ........

Theirs very nice lor!


Happiness :) *i knows it's kinda cacat lah*

Sink in the toilet lmao. Disgusting dao =="

Famous mirror shot again! XD

Suddenly felt that .. sigh .. wasted the day, should have went for road run. Felt quite down =="
So went to snap photos around ..
There's this reporter/photographer from Kosmo! Newspaper somehow asked me & HT to pose for her camera with my camera too, HAHA. Wonder whether it's published or not xD

Neh the reporter/photographer and the judges :D

Saw the judges pulling out paper that might have a chance of winning ..
I saw them pulled mine! *hopes*
There goes the first round of elimination.
Only 10 prizes out of 70 contestants D;

So we went to hunt for lunch.
Ended up in Sushi King!
We had our first "Lou Sang" in 2010 lulz.
Damn LOOL (you'll know later =x)
Was quite fun, enjoyed eating and chatting ..
Down mood was gone! :D

Our gadgets :O

Lou-ing Sang xD

Yakult! :D

No edits de leh xD


It's 1pm, (we're told to gather at the "center court" for results at 12.30pm)
Went there, nothing at all, haven't even started lulz.
Walked around,
Then there's some performance and stuff.
Watched the changing mask performance! COOL :)


Girl lai de leh :D

My eyessss xD

Results announcement time ..
Was standing there .. listening ..
(actually i did not wanna listen to the results ==)

Announcing consolation prize winners ..
1st one, 2nd one, 3rd one, 4th one ..
until the 5th one .. I actually heard my name AND my school ..
I was like .. O_O" + shocked + happy + lol? + huh?!
Yeah, weird.
So yeah, it's the last year and I finally won .. a consolation prize lol. :D
I guess it's just my luck, and thanks for those who actually wished me goodluck (thou i know they knew i couldn't win *somehow* LOL) :DDD

Lulz xD

Hmm, seems that I shouldn't have regret of going eh :)

Lastly, me and HT yo! :D


Yesterday, walked to bus stop with HT, Kritz, CKS.
Hot like dont know what wehh, luckily i had my umbrella with me =="
Anyway, hunt for presents lor, super stress. =="
Managed to buy one in the end.
Mom came and fetch! :D

Made pineapple tarts together with mom at night,
Till 1am ahhh! Tiring D;
But the results? Deliciouusssss! :9


Kinda pissed off these few days,
Dont know why, just feel so.

Oh, I can't stand those people who somehow do something that they themselves comment about others. Happened long time ago so .. yeah, just don't understand them :) *story from someone la, commenting bout it xD*

Yay! No homework today lulz. :D
Felt relief for a moment.
Out to tuition! :(


wellwisher said...

Congrats! :)

eshin :D said...

woots! your teeth ! nice :D your calligraphy rocks :) *loves*

Xjion89 said...

Happy Chinese New year(^^)~~
hv a great tiger year!

C , Cy , Cyn ♥ said...


damn ur cam is effin good. gosh i wanna steal it.


-0wner! said...

Thanks wellwisher :)