Thursday, February 18

CNY 2010 !! =D (part 1)

(Originally posted on 18 Feb 2010)
Oh yeah! I'm finally done with ALL the picts!
Took 710+ photos in total within 3 1/4 DAYS! Beat that xD

But I'm only posting 1/7 of them .. which is 100+ only.
So get ready! WAHAHAHA!

CNY Eve, reunion dinner ..

Hello! :D I'm JM.

I don't like to eat rice xD

Hello! I'm JX, I'm still cute without my front teeth, be jealous! xD

1st day of CNY, afternoon already~

The weather was hot like crazy, hot and stuffy just like in the oven !!
Cousin came and all of us decided to go somewhere ..
I ♥ spontaneity ;D


On the way~ *look at the sun!!*

Hello, I'm an Ipod Touch which belongs to WJ.

And there we go again, snapping photos like nobody's business.
It's a good thing that nobody know us there xD


Red flowers~

So naish right? :D

Me with the tall dude :o

Do Re Mi~ D;

Wanted to go Starbucks,
But in the end, went OldTown instead.

Me & HS ~

I wonder what was I looking at o.o

I can't stop looking around eh LOL.

Enjoyed cold drinks there,
Chit chatted, online, makan, minum etc..
Refreshing but it didn't last for long,
The weather is still damn hot =="
Headed home for dinner!

After dinner .... HOHOHO
Poker time! :D

Spot me spot me! xD

2 cute lil cousin sis~

2nd Day of CNY, MOVIE TIME!

Bought 18 tickets for 72 Tenants of Prosperity @ Sunway Carnival Mall, Sbrg Perai.

Hehehe, whatelse can you expect from a 40 minutes ride?


Can't open eyes xD

LOL yeng leh hahahaha.

And yeah, we took photos again in the carpark HAHAHA
I admit that we're too bored =/

*ahem* modeling *cough* for my cousin's car.. xD

CNY Deco in Sunway Carnival Mall..

The number of tickets!!

Cousins 4eva~~~

With flash~ :D

Me and Mom~~~~ :D ♥

Sam and WJ, wj looks like dai lou here xD

This pic again~ xD

Me and aunt ;0

Family~~ ♥

Me and dai lou WJ xD

Escalator also wanna take pic xD

Another shot hahahaha.

Our sexy backs LOL.

Err, not so sexy anymore XD

Dai lou doing his job with his gang.

Inside the shoe shop~ Cousin bro's expression so cute xD

Clearer one ♥

Keng sou in progress, do not disturb lol.

Penang no plastic bags on Monday leh D;

Us again lol


With mom this time but still AGAIN XD

Watched movie,
Not bad, a lot actor and actress ;o
Quite humorous too ..

But dont know why, this 2 keep keng sou.

Do Not Disturb lol.

LOL bored, waiting for others ..

Went back home,
Decided to explore around before dinner.
Where did we explore?
Stay tuned for the next post! :D

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Evelyn Chang said...

the way ur mom dress very 'in' a compliment btw ;D heh

hmmm and the 72 tenants show is really nice & funny!hahaaha ;D especially the jacky cheung part,the singing wan,in the hospital wan hahahahaa lol lol lol =D