Friday, February 26


A pleasant suprise is in store for you.

A message in my fortune cookie that I got when I went Summit for the Calligraphy Competition. I left the cookie in the car and it somehow got smashed LOL. So I opened it up and that was the message. I got it before the results were announced, but I didn't open it like everyone else. I guess I was lucky that day. :)

It's the 13th day of CNY, time flies ~ *yeah wonder how many times I've repeated it. xD*
2 more days, it's Chap Goh Mei~ Chinese's V Day? Lulz.
3 more days, it's the first monthly test~ "can't wait.."
5 more days, it's the end of exams! CAN'T WAIT!! xD
6 more days, it's a friend's birthday :D
2 more weeks, holiday again! WOOT!
5 more weeks? Hoho. I wonder what leh xD

So, today's a public holiday.
Happy Maulidur Rasul for the muslims!
Happy Public Holiday for non-muslims lulz.

As I was saying, exams in 3 days time.


I used to be afraid of exams.
I used to study a week before exams.

but NOW,
After PMR, I think I'm immune to exams.
There's just too many of them.
Same goes to life,
But the ones in life is much more unpredictable.

I've finish reading Necropolis, the 4th book of The Gatekeepers by Anthony Horowitz.
There's a part where the main character is given a chance to read the "book" of his life.
I wonder.. If I were given the chance .. what will I do?
Well, you'll never know, strange things do happen in life lol.
Can't wait for the fifth book aka last book.
This is my first time reading a whole series of books :D
Quite an achievement HAHA.

Things had been happening strangely too.
Oh well~

Had 2nd lou sang with friends in JY's house.
Not bad, quite fun, despite we went to different classes since form 4.
Those days ...
Time to look forward! :)

what holiday do you call this?

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C , Cy , Cyn ♥ said...

i tried my friend's canon 100d. was not bad though!! and its light too.