Monday, March 1

Bad luck much?

Actually I blog because I don't feel like studying.
Yes, the mood, I can't really find the mood.
But sometimes, it miraculously struck me in the middle of the night.
Then everything will be like .. flowing into brain but ain't sure whether it's still there till the next day. That's the prob lulz.

Bout my blog title.
Yeah, I lost my phonecontact numbers.
It happened in KLCC.
Hate to elaborate about it in words.
In simple tense .. it disappeared into the thin air.

I may have dropped it but how would you explain dropping it without a sound.
Nobody else was around us.

Oh well ..
May be hunting for a new one,
but NOT SO SOON. lol.
Maybe few months later?
Maybe I gotta buy myself? D:

Ain't THAT important as long I have a phone to use now.
But .. I'm so used to touch screen that my fingers hurt when I started using the normal phone LOL =x
Will be hunting for new touch screens one .. any reco? :D

Yeah, wasted few minutes typing all this crap.
Let's waste more wth.
Today's exam .. quite normal .. okay .. nothing much ....
I got a feeling that it'll suck.. The results..
Never mind, my monthly test's results ALWAYS sucked :DD

Hmm .. whatelse ...
Was studying a bit of Chemistry and ..
I hate chapter 2 ==" Need more time to digest =="

History tomorrow hahahaha.
Moral tomorrow hahahaha.
Chemistry tomorrow hahahaha.
Chinese tomorrow HAHHAHA.


Those 2 damn subjects that suck up all human's brain juice.
I need a super brainnnnnnnnn =="
BC .. no comments .. there'll be only SUBJECTIVE ques.
Gosh, deadly Tuesday~~~~~~~~


C , Cy , Cyn ♥ said...

heyy how much is canon 450d? gahh that time i m in MV i didnt check it out. cause theres so many cam and i dont know whats the differences.

Evelyn Chang said...

hahaa i guess i complain too much in my life tho ;x hahaha,shud just shut myself up,bt cant help to rant LOL ;)

Hmm fine arts aa? hmmm i heard it before,bt nt so sure what do they study about thissss.. ;) why? u wanna take fine arts? actually arts quite interesting tho ;) it covers so many areas in life,especially if u love to write,arts is quite a good choice tho xD

heh heh ;) anyway all the best in ur exam ya! ;)