Friday, March 5


Went to visit grandma today (check the date posted lol) with my mom.
It was raining cats and dogs while we're on our way, can't really see those sign boards clearly.
Luckily we didn't lose our way lolz.

Reached the hospital,

It gives me the creeps, especially when they played those random midi slow songs when I'm walking through the less crowded walkway, hardly can see anyone.. my gawd, felt like those horror film LOL. Then suddenly one of the doors opened and .. BOOO!!!! Some disgusting blood dripping corpse crawling out grabbing one of the legs AHHHHH!!

*snap* okay, awake from imagination lolz.

Some picture of a painting hanging on the wall ..

The crab looks kinda horny ==

Found grandma's ward ..
Chatted with her and gave her free massage service hahah.
She said I have good massage skills HAHA :DDDD

It's then dinner time for her ..

Hospital food =/ But the fish tasted okay la, yeah I tried LOL.
smelled nice ma =x

Can see the four coloured wires? All of them are attached to grandma's body :/

Sigh, hope she gets well soon! :)

ps; she discharged on 7/3 :D

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eastyee said... zhangfly..still remember me..long time didt see ur blog,and long time didt see ur jie jie liao..heheer...hope ur grandma can get well soon =)