Wednesday, March 31


Ni hao, I'm here to waste my time :)
It's the last day of March already ~~
Was kinda err .. dont-know-how-to-explain in class today lol. Oh well.
Enjoyed laughing LOL the boys switched their places = their roles. Imba lawl xD

Ooookay, stayed back to helped out for the sports "saringan" thing. In the end, it rained, stayed at the restaurant and chatted with 2 ex-form 5s and friends.
The rain stopped a while, and started raining the whole zoo when my mom arrived =="
MY UMBRELLA WASN'T WITH ME !!!!! gah. troublesome.
Mom came down in the end, and her shoes got all wet :/ aww, thanks <3 LOL.

Hmm, macam tarak homework these few days, getting lazyyyyyyyy :P
MMMMM, I smell chicken wingggg xD
Off to dinner! Byeee!

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