Thursday, March 4

Happy Birthday Chai Yin! :D

It's a belated post but whatever, I'll still set it as 4th of March :P

It's Thursday .. let's recall what happened ..
Okay, so it's the exam week, I can't believe I never update the whole week! Oh crap.

Exams till Wednesday, overall everything was okay.
Except Physics, experiment part went wrong, GREAT :D

Knew some of the results :O
BM, Maths and Add Maths weren't bad .. got 90+ :D
Bio a bit bad =.= Never mind. Study more next time lo.
History should be okay la ..
Chinese .. got highest lol. But ......... it's only 56/70 ._.
Consider quite bad since teacher said the questions were based on form 4 syllabus ._.
Gosh, why is Chinese so hard =.=
Others still unknown ._.

Ok, here comes our main character for this post LOL.

Behold of her scary stare!!

Here you go~
The birthday girl! :D

Me and CY :D

While we're happily taking photos ...

"aiya no eye see those 2, do my homework" lolz.

Oh my please dont kill me on monday =x

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