Friday, March 19


Hello, it's kinda late nao. And random thoughts always strike at this moment.

Before I start, I've finally .. sorta .. kinda .. done my holiday homework :) More or less within 2 days I guess, quite an achievement lulz. I'm really really tired .. both mentally and physically .. well kinda .. I have no idea why.

Let's start off with the week.

Saturday, I went for my rebonding, yes, like finally woot! Only half-head this time, so it's kinda cheap, thanks mom! Can't really take the messy-ness of the hair already ==" Oh well. I like the smell of the chemical that they applied on my hair ;x it smelled much more diff than the usual one ;x (usual one very smelly -.-)

Sunday, went to The Palette to watch the 1Malaysia Lion Dance Performance (Champion Lion Dance Group). 3 main races contributing their parts in the whole performance. Kinda "lol" and cool at the same time. +1 for the creativity haha! But the weather was reaaaaaally hot! Imagine 12 NOON !! *pictures next post!*

I'm having an one-week-holiday this week, but it doesn't seem like one to me. Not at all. I have to go back school for 3 days straight. Helping out in 3 main projects, one for library, one for Chinese society and one for Chemistry. Didn't really remember how I got into all this but whatever. At least most of them are done except for the Library one. Really stressed out for that. Oh, and thanks to those who'd helped, thanks a lot ...

The weather nowadays is really terrible. It's sooooo hot then in the middle of no where, it'll start to rain cats and dogs and very soon, it'll stop in a sudden. This unpredictable and inconsistent weather is really killing me! Hot weather makes people feels hot and when people feels hot.. hot temper kicks in ==" It really adds oil to fire when you're really frustrated -.-

Made breakfast for mom and bro this morning :) French toast! Haha! Only 6 pieces so each of us ate 2. Ain't enough for me T.T I remember the oil kinda splat on my face when I fried the french toast at the age of 10. Seriously. I think it hurt .. I tried to keep a secret too but it's too obvious so ==" Maybe I was too short that time .. or something went wrong LOL oh whatever la :) Imma young cook HAHA =="

As I was saying, random thoughts often strike in the middle of night. It'll be lurking somewhere inside my brain .. I hate that zz. Somehow I think that I really think a lot lol -.- It'll bug me .. .. .. in a way ..

Thoughts thoughts thoughts. Too much of them. No time to even think. Can't even think. It's really hard to imagine how fast things had change .. Sigh ..

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