Tuesday, March 23

Happy Birthday House! lawl

Didn't notice it's the 23rd of March until I was checking out the date on my phone -.-

Happy 5th Birthday homee sweet homeee~ :D

Time flies eh .. Still remember the first yr I moved in, it's like .. so empty .. then nowwww! It's packed with so many rubbish! HAHA. Esp the amount of books, always increasing :/

To top that up, my dad won a Sony Cybershot S series camera .. Model S2100.

They didn't include casing + memory card arghhh! And it's actually using AA Battery =/

Oh well, what do you expect eh? It's free (in a way) LOL. Love the smile detection function, so nice to play with heh xD

I guess there's nothing much, still have loads of homework .. and the school's model .. really ... sigh :/

Till then, byee!


Evelyn Chang said...

when u shift in oo?gt 5 yrs d?mine 4 yrs ++ heh heh ;)

Evelyn Chang said...

mine was 2005 dec lor ;) hehee,yeap someday will try out the german cuisine,how much iszit a? vr expensive or reasonable price?hehe

C , Cy , Cyn ♥ said...

how u win one = =