Friday, March 19

Kun Seng Keng Lion Dance @ The Palette

Hmm, Chinese New Year is over for almost half a month .. Time flies eh?

Performance by a 20 times world champion team

People mountain people sea~

Spot the expression of the girl in red striped shirt LOL!

Everybody snapping pictures~~

Neh, you can see Malays and Indians too :D

Red seaaaa~

Spot the orange!! xD

Twins lmao.

Humans feeding their hand to the lions. Weird :/

Everybody trying to catch the flying angpao lulz.


Okay, so today's the last weekday for the holiday. I hope (yeah, hope lol) to utilize my time to the max. After this holiday, there'll be none till June. My gosh T-T Thinking of it makes me feel like crying T-T Although form 5 life doesn't seem as easy as it seemed lol .. but ..... I .. .. don't know .... feels contradicting now -.- Oh well.



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