Tuesday, March 30


Wtf, this morning my hands were holding so many stuffs, then the bag was like so damn heavy, YES, Tuesday's bag is the heaviest wtf. And I gotta bring 3 piano books to school too, yeah because I'll have my lesson straight after school. OKAY, since my hand is full, I gotta like .. shut my dad's car's door by using some other parts of my body. Which I chose my elbow -.- and I somehow hurt it..a SMALL piece of skin came off .. IMAGINE IT'S YOUR ELBOW!!!! You needa like bend and straighten it everytime. That part of skin just itches and stings whenever I bends/straightens my arm. GAAAAAAH !!!!! Sometimes it even accidentally and I mean ACCIDENTALLY scratched parts of table/wall/shirt(wearing longsleeves,fml) ARRRGGHHHHH, so damn painful -.- OH, the part where the wound touches water, ohmaitian -.- Okay, now it's not so painful already, but wtheck, of all parts why my elbow -.-

Done homework woot!
March is gonna end soon :( :(

PS; so damn lucky today, got 4 "di"s during chor di woot!!

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