Tuesday, March 9

Busy bees.

Oh hai, I suddenly decided to post up my perasan photo hah! Well, bear with me, it's been a long time since I posted one .. I mean .. those that are taken at home LOL. As I grow older, the lesser the photos I take.. Getting matured eh? LOLOLOLOL. Or perhaps lazy -_-" Nothing to do with maturity zz.

Anyway, today school was attacked by a swarm of bees during recess. The skies looked dark .. *okay, exaggerating* But it was kinda scary, imagine BEES flying around. bzzz~

Got chosen for some A-Levels Maths competition thing .. Got back History results.. Ain't so bad.. Tried listening to teacher both during Physics and History lesson, can't concentrate. Not my fault, the weather was hot and humid, my eyelids were heavy, the whole thing was playing tricks on me T.T

So I decided to try out my art "skills", it's been a long time since I held a pencil to draw lol, mostly writing essays, doing homework, but no more drawing because they aren't any art lessons anymore. Somehow miss those days haha. I suddenly had the urge to paint now, but well .. there's a karangan waiting for me.. calling my name...... =="

And, ta da! This was the outcome of my un-concentrating-ness during lessons lol. Sorry for my broken english woot! :D

Something I drew when I was bored in class .. or shall I say .. because I don't feel like concentrating in class LOL

Maybe there's something wrong with the proportion .. But as what my friend said .. don't focus too much on it then it'll look better LOL. Well, I think it did work :)

Okay ba, I think I need to go .. finish up that irritating BM Essay, gah.

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BlogHopper said...

Nice drawing! You can draw very well.